How you can help make OxygenOS a better OS?

If you’re a OnePlus One with OxygenOS user, this an offer you can’t refuse: OnePlus is asking their OxygenOS users for their input so they can make the OS a better one.

There’s two tabs to the app. The left one where you can submit a bug including up to 3 screenshots and a right tab, to submit any ideas for features you’d like to see in a future release.

I didn’t experience a single bug so no need to submit anything off the left tab but I’ve used the feature request tab quite a bit (I’m aware that some features might have to be developped by Google and not OnePlus, but what the hell!):

  • Add a network Wi-Fi option to Smart Lock.
  • Integrate as many toggles as possible (I guess to reflect CM; I’m a toggle addict).
  • Add a double tap the screen option to shut off the screen.
  • Develop a decent camera ASAP! ;)
  • Let us disable the file manager “Files” for those who prefer another to use another manager. Don’t force anything down my throat!
  • Add battery percent inside a circle icon.
  • Add the option to select a color for wallpaper. I like my screens to be black.
  • Add the option to disable Wi-Fi after not being connected to any preferred network after a set time to save battery.

Don’t be shy to send those feature requests to OnePlus!

Go to and scroll down to the bottom to find the link for the Feedback app download. Since you’ll have to sideload the app onto your device, don’t forget to enable installations from unknown sources (Settings > Security).

It is time to speak. And LOUD!