NomadKey for Pebble Original Smartwatch

Today Nomad is announcing NomadKey for Pebble Smartwatch, a key-sized USB charging cable for the original Pebble smartwatch.

NomadKey for Pebble is a first of its kind smartwatch accessory made just for Pebble, ensuring you’ll always have a Pebble charging cable ready to charge from any USB port.

They've noticed that as people transition from smartphone to smartwatch, they’re once again needing a new, custom cable--one they won’t find laying around their house. NomadKey for Pebble is a reincarnation of the NomadKey for Android that was launched last year.

With the booming smartwatch industry, there will be a huge potential for companies like Nomad to make accessories to keep our smartwatches powered on the go. They've got plans to build NomadKey for the upcoming Pebble Time and for future smartwatches.

Availability: Available and shipping now from Nomad and Amazon.
Price: $19.95 (US)
Compatibility: Pebble Original (a future model will be available for the upcoming Pebble Time)