New tool to help you choose the phone you want

With all this talk of Project Ara and getting what WE truly want out of our possible next phone... the perfect match up of the camera, and storage, or screen with battery, etc...

But we don't know how long it will be before we see Project Ara.

So for those of who can't wait, how will we decide what phone is right for us?

Most people just look at what's available at their local carrier.  But you know me, I'm against that because it'd mean you have to sign a new contract or pay their slightly higher than they should be prices for the phone.

So, why not just look around at what features you'd like to have in your phone and match that up with what's available?

Sure, we have my database of phones and tablets over at but that's not SUPER helpful (as much as I love my databases).

Thankfully someone has taken all that data (not mine specifically) and made a handy little interactive tool.  Check it out

Just adjust some of the settings like how much RAM, storage, resolution and the chart automatically adapts to show you which phone is in your filter.

And as we showed you yesterday there's a neat little tool to show you how you can see if what phone you picked will work on your carrier and you're all good to go!