Citymaps 2.0 in Canada has more than 600 000 points of interest!

Citymaps enables users to create collections of places, or personal maps, with easily searchable themes. The app update also introduces “collaborative maps,” which enables groups of people to create collections together.

For example, people who live in Montreal might make collections called "The Very Best of Montreal" that highlights their favorite places to go to in Montreal.  Similarly, someone from Toronto could organize their favorite brunch spots into a collection called "Awesome Brunch Places."

Citymaps is also a powerful travel planning tool.  For anyone visiting Vancouver, they could make a collection of outdoor gardens that they want to visit - "Beautiful Vancouver Gardens."

"In Canada, Citymaps has 600,000 Points of Interest that users can search for and discover."

The Android update includes new features include:

- Global expansion to 80+ million points of interest
- Algorithms provide recommendations based on user patterns and preferences
- Deal integration from third parties (Travelzoo, Gilt City and Groupon)
- In-app navigation to locate nearby deals and happenings
- Curated lists from major publishers / influencers (Time Out NY, Gothamist, Ashton Kutcher, Refinery29)

Citymaps is a mobile roadmap that delivers personalized, contextual maps with a social twist. It brings a new aspect of social collaboration and presents information in a visually compelling way.