Android apps which will keep you company on Valentine's day

Are you alone this Valentine’s day? Are you single or maybe in a long distance relationship? This year, make your phone or tablet your Valentine! Following are few apps which will keep you company and will help you fight the loneliness.
Image Source: JustWink

Netflix - Take advantage of the free month and dive into a romantic comedy. Not the romantic type? “Friends With Benefits” is also a possibility.

Domino's Pizza Canada - Who can feel lonely with Pizza? Domino's Canada has a great app and great deals. Check out the coupons! (For 1...)

Pinterest - Just run a search for Broken Heart Quotes, It will keep you busy for a while. You’ll need kleenex.

Just Wink - So what if you are alone? You can still send some love to your other single friends. Just Wink will let you send them an e-card via email, Facebook, text message, Twitter or even real mail!

OverDrive - OverDrive is an e-reader which links to your local library. Find out if your library offers e-books. Maybe Twilight, the best love story ever, is available.

Blinkist - Are you the reflective type? Read short versions of non-fiction books on Blinkist. Check out: Attached - The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find - and Keep - Love

Victoria’s Secret - Be your own sexy Valentine - treat yourself to something nice. are you a guy? Well..., You can just look.

8. Ingress - Instead of walking into a bar alone, why not just walk by it and hack it? Join one of the factions and soon enough you’ll get a message and someone will want to meet you! The factions are eager to recruit and train new players. Remember, the resistance has hotter girls. And beer.

Source: Google Play