Try out the latest youtube player for a faster experience

No, I'm not talking about a 3rd party Youtube app, or even a new APK, this is a trick I saw on Phonearena where it takes advantage of the new mediaplayer base for Youtube

In essence Youtube has been using a new media player called ExoPlayer for Youtube, but the app still uses MediaPlayer.  You just have to tell the app (in its XML file) to use Exo instead.

To do that, find the XML which will be located in your system root folder /data/data/ and then edit the youtube.xml file as follows:

under the first element: <map>
hit enter
type in 3 spaces before each of these lines:
<string name="exo_player_activation_type">ADAPTIVE</string>
<boolean name="exo_player_cache" value="true"/>
<boolean name="show_exo_player_debug_messages" value="true"/>

be warned that copy/pasting from the site here might also paste in other code too, so double check

When you play a youtube clip now a little pop up will show that you're using the new ExoPlayer, but you can just not put in the last line (or change the value to false).

It has folks saying it's definitely quicker to load videos. Give it a try and let us know if you see any improvement.