Top 10 Best Android Wear apps

Android Wear watches have lots of potential. Their functionality can be much greater than plain notifications, controlling music and fitness tracking. Following are some cool Android Wear apps which will make your watch much more fun.

1. Quick Launcher

Quick launcher provides quick access to the apps installed on your watch. With Quick Launcher, instead of tedious clicking and scrolling to “Start” for a list of apps, you can swipe down from the top of the watch face to reveal small icons of all your installed apps. It’s quick and convenient.


2. Google Keep

Keep is a handy app for quick note taking and managing lists and tasks. It’s very useful for shopping or to do-do lists. Keep works quite well on Android wear, the notes are displayed clearly and managed easily.


3. Endomondo

Endomondo is an activity tracking app. It uses the phone GPS to track your walks, jogs or bike rides in real time. Other activities can be added manually.
The UI and looks of Endomondo on the watch made it my favorite among the other fitness apps which are compatible with Android Wear.


4. Watch face for Ingress

As the name suggests, this app is intended for Ingress players. Watch face for Ingress is the perfect watch face for your Ingress meetups/Farm nights. It’s very easy to set up with your faction colors and logo. You can even load your own city logo or any other custom logo.


5. MyRoll Gallery

MyRoll Gallery allows you to see photos from your phone on your Android Wear watch. You can access your media folders like your camera, downloads, screenshots etc.
When connecting the app to Facebook on your phone, you will have the option to quickly share a photo, directly from your watch. Navigation is intuitive and simple.


6. Behance watch faces

These artistic free watch faces from the Behance community are beautiful and unique. Five different watch faces are available with a choice of different artwork as a background.


7. Wear Reader

A neat app for reading ebooks on your watch. An ebook can be uploaded easily from your device using the phone app. It currently supports .epub, .docx, .pdf and .txt file formats. Wear Reader flashes the book on your watch screen, one word at a time with an option to pause, rewind or fast-forward. The reading speed can be set directly from the watch.

8. All the cooks (Cookpad recipes)

Cookpad is a cooking community app with recipes posted by members. The app has great Android wear support. The recipes, including ingredients and cooking instructions, are displayed on the watch screen. To start, choose a recipe on your phone, a card will pop up on your watch with the recipe and step by step cooking instructions.


9. Wear Messenger

Wear messenger is an SMS messaging app for your watch. It is a paid app but the fact that it has a keyboard makes it worth the $1.45 (CAD 1.69). The App actually appears on your watch as three different apps: “Wear Messenger” shows you your recent conversations, “New Message” lets you start a new text message using a keyboard, voice dictation or your custom quick replies and it also includes a separate icon for a list of contacts with an option to either start a new text message or call.

Edit: With Xposed Framework, if your phone is rooted, the keyboard can be used to reply to Hangouts messages as well. It's a really great feature.


10. Dialer Wear

Dialer wear is a free simple dialer for Android Wear. In addition to the dialer, the app gives you access to your contacts and your call log.

Do you have a favorite cool Android Wear app to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Google Play Store