PowerSkin buy one, get one deal for portable charger

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Are you in the buying mood yet?  Survived Black Friday, clicked your way through Cyber Monday?  Well the Christmas sales are just starting and PowerSkin has a heck of a deal... BOGO.

You can buy one of their PowerStand charging stands at $40 and you'll get one for free.  Perfect for 2 kids, or "one for them, one for me"...

Deal runs only for 2 days (Dec 16/17).  Act fast.

They also have another deal going on their PowerSkin Recharge and you'll get a free tablet grip.

Source:  http://www.power-skin.com/portable-power/powerstand.php & http://www.power-skin.com/device/tablets/xp5001.php