Unified message inbox? Snowball Beta could be it!

If you’ve used one of the latest Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10 and such, you’ll know how the HUB works to tie everything into one box. Snowball beta, aims to achieve just that with a floating window with the notification for your various IM apps.

You’ll get notified in a chat head format with all your notifications for Facebook messenger, Hangout, SMS, Snapchat, Whatsapp and the likes. The application is currently in beta, but I’m sure they aim to become something bigger.

This is the one thing about having used the HUB on a Blackberry that I miss while using my Android smartphones, the ability to see all the messages that come in into a centralized location. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to reply and manage directly from that interface.

Since this is a Google Ventures, maybe this is something that we will see in Android at some point? I sure would hope so personally.

Here’s the application link from the Google Play store.