UnoTelly helps your phone (and network) get US access

So, it's no secret that sometimes our Canadian 'shield' can be a hinderence.  We can't get access to Hulu, Netflix has a cool catalogue, and even some things in the Play Store we can't access (like the myFlare cloud storage app) and others.

There are some tricks around it though - and some folks can show you how; but to make it super easy there's a service like UnoTelly.

UnoTelly provides you with a UnoDNS service which you can set up on your router, computer, laptop and even your phone.

Signing up for the service allows you to get the DNS information that you can then set up on your phone.  They also can provide you with a UnoVPN should you want to do that (but the DNS version is much faster, but you need it if you're going to use Netflix as that app bypasses the DNS).

It's really simple.  Personally what I do is set up a second router in my house and then set it up as the 'American' one.  And when I want to switch between my DNS I just switch which router I'm using.  Otherwise if you switch back and forth you would have to go into the phone wifi settings every time (unless someone can recommend a neat little trigger or something to do that for me)

For $5 a month you get the DNS option for $8 you get it all (including the VPN); it may seem like a lot, but for many of us who've already cut our cable bills and started to rely on Netflix and other streaming services for our TV it still outweighs what you'd be paying for channels you don't want and now can get the ones you truly do.

Check it out.