Root your LG G3 with Stump Root

So now that I'm on with the G3 I'm ready to make it mine.  I'm still not replacing the launcher (as you lose the smartcards/notifications if you use another) but I want to do some tweaks, as well as other benefits of when I root (like Xposed, or screen recording, etc...).

My normal is to use towelroot, but the D852 isn't supported, so instead of trying to find multiple toolkits or ioRoot, I used a oneclick tool like towel, called Stump Root.

When I ran the app it said my model was unsupported, but it offered a 'brute force' method that said it would take up to 10 minutes and might bright your device.  It was 4 minutes (if that) and it didn't brick.

I had SuperSU already installed, but had I not it would install it for you.

Now you're free to start doing things a rooted user can do!