Find the Xposed Modules for your G3 with G3TweaksBox

Okay, now that you're rooted... now what?  Well you have access to some of the xposed framework and allow yourself some tweakings.  So how?

Most are very familiar with installing the Xposed Installer and then install the framework.  A reboot later and it's now able to install mods to allow you to make the tweaks.

If you go into the Xposed app, you'll see the modules you can download in the "Download" section... but there's tons.  Sure you could just search G3 and sort through yourself... that'll do it.  But the G3TweaksBox is readily available with tweaks specific for this device.

Install the app and it places the module in your xposed app (make sure to check the box and do another reboot), and can act also as a standalone app to look through what  changes you can make.

Personally I haven't explored a lot of them, and there is a $2.17 price tag to get the full set of mods, but I do like the Tinted Bars mod, where it makes the status bar look the same colour of whatever app you're in.

Neat!  (you'll notice my screenshots how they've changed)

Have you tried any mods on your devices?