Degauss Labs brings 3 button control to your headphones

So I spend most of my breaks these days walking about and... well, I can't walk about in silence, I need music.  I've reviewed a lot of different headphones (most recently the 808 duo).  Mostly for portability I've been using just earbuds for my walks.

And, because I had a few kicking around the house and I liked the sound the iPhone ones are usually my go to.  The only thing is that the iPhone have 3 buttons (volume +/- and play).  It's never really bothered me that I can't change the volume on my headsets before using this.  I remember those 'inline potentiometers' you used to get that would limit... but that wouldn't raise the volume of the device output.

Well, +DegaussLabs has come up with a new set of headphones that will allow you to take advantage of the 3 buttons.

This will be interesting to see.  And it would be nice to stop using Apple products.

Then there's the design of the "Dual Driver" headphones.  As I've said before I'm not much of a earbud guy, but these look great.

And without getting too technical they have listed on their site "comes with twice as much speakers tech".  So I'll be interested in trying it out myself.

Yes it says compatible with iOS, but they do have Android listed on their site as well

At $80 it's less than some of those 'Beats', which I still never understand their popularity.

They also have an app that will let you set it up to trigger your music app of choice on putting in your headphones (some UI's already do this, like LG, or TouchWiz, etc...); but has the added feature that you can customize your 'click #', like 5 clicks means to play the 5 song, or ... whatnot.