Joy Pinpoint Precision Stylus

I keep shopping instead of requesting products for review. This time I got the Joy Pinpoint Stylus when I went to Staples to pick up some ink for my printer.

One reason I was interested in the Note series of tablets is the stylus. I'm old school enough to like writing rather than typing and on an 8" tablet the kybaord is small enough writing is as efficient. The Note series has the Wacom screen that uses a different stylus than the traditional capacitive stylus. I'm picky enough about writing utensils that I've traditionally hated the fat smooshy styli that became the norm with the capacitive touch screens. It seems now there is an alternative.

The Pinpoint Precision Stylus uses a AAAA battery to create the dialectric difference for the stylus to register on the screen. You can use a natural angle for writing but you must press firmly for it to register. Due to the weight and the width of the holding area this wasn't an issue for me and the wider barrel helps me write larger which registers better. Since I'm using it with the Samsung keyboard which has already been learning my vocabulary, it is reasonably good at autocorrecting and the pace of the writing scroll matches my natural pace whether I am writing or printing. I found it works best if you have your device resting on a surface when you use it and keep the power indicator light pointed towards the finger the stylus is resting on.

Is this for you? I'm not sure it's for me yet (I have a 2 week window to return). I find typing  frustrating at time but I also do a lot of tablet stuff while lying on the couch where the pen is less functional. This is not a "throw in the drawer" purchase at close to $50.