Why a fitness device at all?

Started a conversation with  about fitness bands on the Android Authority review and it was veering off topic to what is the point of fitness bands.

Fitness band/ Smart watch has exploded in the past year. Time will tell if this is sustainable. I know my decision to purchase the S4 was based on FitBit compatibility. I've worn several styles and covetted more. The first thing to decide is whether you actually want a watch or a fitness band. After a year I can say a band works for me. Do you exercise or want to exercise? Do you want to respond to notifications or just be aware of them? What type of support do you want; on device only, app, website, all? What style do you like (if you don't like how it looks you won't wear it)? All of the devices on the market have down sides so you have to know what is essential for you. I really like the functionality of the Gear Fit (notifiations, media control, heart rate) but miss the website aspect and connectivity of FitBit.

A fitness bands work by positively reinforcing your exercise habits. All you have to do is set reasonable goals and if you are at all competitive, the band should encourage you to meet those goals and build healthy habits. The FitBit works by sending messages to your phone (or displaying on the screen after buzzing if you have the One) how many steps you have to get there. The  SmartBand and the FitBit Flex use lights to keep you updated on where you are for your goal, the FitBit One and Gear Fit use on screen messages. The Gear Fit can do more, if you use different activity settings, it will monitor your heart rate and can buzz you to work harder to increase that heart rate based on your age and sex. 

Sleep is an important part of fitness - yes if you don't sleep well it affects your weight - so most of these do track sleep. If you are into changing your lifestyle/fitness and FitBit device will be your best choice as it is the most versatile. It has a website as well as an app and is compatible with different food logging sites. You can monitor your sleep by starting and stopping on the tracker or entering times on the website because the FitBit is always checking your activity level.

If you think you might like a fitness band, try using your phone to track for awhile. I used Sleep as Android for sleep tracking and there are many pedometer apps out there if you carry your phone all the time.