Galaxy S4 - 1 year on

Last year's flagship becomes this year's "free with contract". Can someone be content after a year? I asked 2 co-workers with the S4 and they agreed, the S4 does all the things they want it to do. I had the opportunity to play with an S5 and....

...I'm still happy with my S4.

I've had Samsung products since...well Windows Mobile. I've found they offer so many advanced features that when the OS gets updated the differences are mostly under the hood. That happened with the latest update from Jelly Bean to KitKat. While I was eager to upgrade I knew there would be little visual change.

Pros for the S4 - established accessories including a lot of different cases and pouches; slightly smaller size is more comfortable in hand; no metal lip on the front screen; S4 has been updated to 4.4.2 and is slated to be updated to 4.4.3 very soon. Also, vendors frequently support the Galaxy S series first and was the case with FitBit and the TDBank (app which still isn't working for me - boo)

Pros for the S5 - The TouchWiz experience is almost as smooth as Nova Launcher. The screen is brilliant and  TouchWiz seems a bit more stripped down. Updated features is a big one. The TabPRO comes with SideSync3.0 but the S4 comes with an older version of sync that doesn't get upgraded with the OS update. 

If you are on a budget, the S4 is definitely worth getting even though it's a year old.