Android Media Browser brings you home entertainment!

With services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc there's isn't always a need for other type of entertainment options but what if you have tons of videos, movies, tv shows stored at home and you'd like to be able to broadcast and or select from a library list?

This is where Media Browser comes into play. This new contender in the Android ecosystem runs on your phone, tablet or any other Android device you may have. It may require you to setup a few things before you can enjoy your vast media library.

You'll be required to setup a server that will run on either Windows, Linux or Mac which will take the average user about 30 minutes to setup.

Setting up the server doesn't require more then pointing to folders, giving it a name and letting the software scan your library and find relevant images, poster, art box and information about each TV shows, movies or seasons.

Many of us are media junkies, taking this into account and adding Media Browser to the mix and we get a fully sustainable home entertainment center. Any one from the husband, wife, kids can enjoy the freedom of watching, listening to whatever they want.

Other services like Plex or XBMC can achieve the exact same result, but for many it can be to complicated to setup and having it running on all your devices isn't always the case. One of the neat features that I noticed from the get go was that Chromecast was directly available from the application. If this wasn't enough, you can even resume from your last known location, making it easier to get back in the groove of the show you were watching.

If there's interest I'll be more than happy to put a tutorial together to setup the server but I'm hopeful that each and everyone of you can complete this task on your own. There's really nothing to it, in fact like I mentioned earlier it took me 30 minutes and paying attention to the various options that are provided.

The Playstore app requires that you have either a server setup and or a server that you can input in the application with a user.