Smart TV Box compared to ChromeCast and Amazon Fire TV

Even though I called 2013 as the year that Android was going to take over your living room, and that hasn't happened... yet.  But there's still some neat things.  We can get Chromecast now in Canada.  Amazon announced their new FireTV box.  Hrmm...

My Google TV box is really showing its age lately and I'm looking for the next item.  This SmartTV Box has really caught my eye.

Not heard of it?

To be honest, 'nor had I until started to look.  There's a bunch of options out there these days.  Especially with more and more of those "Android on a Stick" devices out there.

But how does it fare... well I haven't tried either, but they have set up a comparison chart on their website to showcase some of the features they have.  Now, albeit it's a very biased chart, but it does paint a very nice picture.

Some of the highlights?  For me is the unfettered access to all the Android Play Store.  Like my GoogleTV I could also plug in a USB stick and watch movies (or microSD).  Also... as I'm not a true geek and I've kept my old Projection TV down in the basement, I could use A/V cables, and not just HDMI connections.

All for $99

What living room solutions have you come up with?