Picking the right phone size for you

So back in the day I used to sell TVs.  Lots of people wanted the largest size screen possible, but sometimes you just SHOULDN'T cram a 55" into a tiny bachelor apartment, or your bedroom.  So we had discussed with different buyers and reps and they had come to a standard of the "3x rule".

If you wanted a Y sized TV, you should have 3xY distance to be sitting from it.

Example: I have a 43" in my rec room, I've moved my couch to be 3 x 43" = 129" = 10' 9" away from the screen.

With advent of widescreen and true HDTV the rules slightly changed, but the idea of these guidelines stick.  Especially to a math/science guy like myself, it's always good to have some guideline to help others make informed decisions.

Now enter the era where most of our 'media consumption' is done on our portable devices, finding which size is right is hard.  Ask +Mark Lastiwka, who's trying to come up with a recommendation for his dad on a new phone.

It's hard.  If you're an iUser it's easy as you only have 2 options currently: small, or really small :)

For others there's a huge range of sizes available from the S3 mini to the Z Ultra.  To help most stores have dummy/live units for you to check it out.  But thanks to the Wall Street Journal there's now a nice interactive online tester.

Pretty cool as it helps you measure your hand lengths to show you how you'd hold the device in question.

Take the results with a grain of salt... just because I may not get a full 'sweep' of the Note 3, doesn't necessarily mean I'll be using it in that manner.

And, back to Mark's recommendation.  His dad has asked that it should fit in his pocket.  That's going to be tricky.  Different pants have different sized pockets.  Some pairs I have barely fit my Nexus, whereas some can fit my Note 8.

I really debated writing up an article and putting a sign on our window today with a ruler where we'd help size customers for their phones... but I'm not much of a joker.

Still, having a baseline idea for customers out there is always a good idea... because... science!

Source:  http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304679404579459712875182986