One month with the TabPRO 8.4

looking up the WiFi password
I've had the TabPRO for a month now and it's probably been more thoroughly tested than any other device I've had.We recently went to the South Pacific and decided to take tablets to keep in touch with the rest of the world. I used the TabPRO for everything from taking photos, reading and accessing the internet.

It will always feel strange to take pictures with a tablet. I only did it at our room because ... it's strange to take pictures with a tablet. The photo quality was great and camera has all the options the S4 does and all the photo/video editing tools. One (unexpected) thing we did was transfer the micro SD card from the camera to the tablet then review our photos and back them up onto the ADATA UD320. When the UD320 was plugged in to the microUSB port the file manager popped up and it was easy to transfer and review files.

 Over time, WiFi for internet access has become more widespread at hotels. Slower and more expensive on Aitutaki but 3G speeds on Rarotonga. I had no problem connecting and was never dropped. The only thing that I had to remember was there was no log in prompt in the notification bar so I had to bookmark the log in site. The Note 8 and S4 both had the log in prompt so I'm not sure what was going on. The tablet was perfect for browsing the web and using mobile apps.

Holiday time is reading time and I find reading on a tablet can be frustrating because of the glossy screen. Once brightness was adjusted to max, reading was easy and relaxing while at the beach. Next year I might install an anti-glare screen protector to make reading easier at lower brightness settings to extend the battery. The device is light and easy to hold.

Battery life was great, easily lasting all day and much better than the Note 8 in spite of only a slightly larger battery. I was concerned about the white faux leather back but it was awesome. Very comfortable to hold with just the right amount of grip and it didn't get grime embedded in the faux grain. Have to say the tablet worked flawlessly. After this use, I am even more pleased with my decision to get this tablet. It's rare that you get to compare the performance of your previous devices with your new one.