Galaxy Gear Fit - quick review

Unlike most on this site, I purchase my devices with the intent to keep them then do a review. Most of the time it works out well. The Galaxy Gear Fit was the first device I really had doubts about.

Like Tom Gray, I am in the Samsung ecosystem although I think he's gone all in where I'm just with mobile devices. When my FitBit Force started acting up I had no option about getting a replacement because of the recall. I had some cash from the refund as well as from selling a couple old tablets so time to go shopping. There isn't a lot available where I live for android compatible fitness wearables; Fitbit and now the Gear.

As I did a quick video review/demo, I realized that this is really a stand alone product. You can easily review your activity history on the device and your link to your phone is mostly for notifications. The only feature I may miss from my FitBit is the silent alarm. If notifies you when you are close to and when you hit your goal and a quick glance at the screen can show you how close you are.

Likes - easy set up, large screen is very readable and comes on when you move your wrist a certain way, discrete notifications, alarms when you are near you goal, at your goal and at times past your goal, activity settings, there is no need for the Fitness with Gear app unless to sync with Samsung account, charges in under an hour, different straps available (if you can find them), can personalize wallpaper from any picture in your gallery, find your device ability.

Dislikes - needs download apps to be set up, wrist movement turns on screen with backlight in sleep mode, not tied in with SHealth or MyFitnessPal, only works with current Samsung devices although I have seen a work around for the M8. 

Wierd things - you have to start the pedometer - just once but I can see this being confusing. Like every other wrist tracker if it's on too tight it doesn't work quite right. With the FitBit the steps would be off, with the Gear Fit the heart rate monitor doesn't give a reading, spendy but the quality is good.

This is a great product if you want a fitness tracker with extras on your wrist or if having a watch is secondary. Like the FitBit it has its own operating system and uses Bluetooth to connect so support for other OEMS is possible with future updates. Check it out.