Apps you felt were a MUST buy [poll results]

The old stereotype of Android users being pirates is something of a myth I'd like to think.  It had prompted me last week to ask the question about what apps you felt were necessary to purchase.

We got a lot of responses... LOTS of varying apps out there, with some overlap.  Very cool.  Thanks for answering.

The most often commented reason for WHY they felt the y purchased the app was that it was something they felt that enhanced their normal experience with features they used often.

Here were the top recommended apps (ones that were nominated multiple times):

  1. SwiftKey
  2. PowerAmp
  3. Solid Explorer
  4. Titanium Backup

For many of the apps there were free versions, but the paid features are where it really helps out for some making for a better usage.  Here's their reasons listed:

  • I felt that for games that I use a fair bit, or loved earlier I have to pay.  Some apps like Solid Explorer I use ALL THE TIME, and others just don't cut it.
  • Because I wanted a really good music player that had good custom ability and an equalizer to make the really nice headphones I bought sound good.
  • "I bought Timely because you could see the potential for those guys to make GREAT looking, smooth running apps. I know its only a clock app but   it was THAT good!
  • Tasker.... Because its gives you so much in return."
  • "I tried SwiftKey free version for a month and for me it was far superior than the stock keyboard that came with my device or any other keyboard I tried.  It's constantly being developed and improved upon and it's still my favourite keyboard to this day.
  • Titanium Backup was a must for me because I am a root user and I love flashing new ROMs.  Allows me to perform so many useful tasks, but I really love the simplicity of backing up all your apps and restore them all with one push of a button.  Or even back up all your SMS messages and restore them as well.  Cloud support etc.  It's a must have app."
  • Work was put into the product.
  • "I thought that either it was better than the free one or there was no alternative. In then end, I bought 8 apps and 5 of them are no longer on my phone. I use these two all the time, but I shouldn't have bought Avia Extras (Avia Media Player (Chromecast).
  • I pirated Sygid, but I prefer OsmAnd."
  • "Evernote seems to be the popular note app of choice but I prefer note everything. 
  •  can doodle, make lists or type a note and I can set reminders. 
  • It's my task list and place to keep things that I don't want to lose and 
  • want to refer back to "
  • I really enjoy playing with my phone ROM junky
  • Just because I feel like my information would be safer in a paid app, as opposed to a free one. 
  • Support!!!!
  • Each of the apps i listed are top in their categories. SF launcher is unique and i wanted to see the development grow so  i got the paid version. I could list more but this is what comes to mind right off the bat.
  • Because of the incredible UI design or best-in-class unique functionality. PowerAmp can do album art, edit tags, and play music all at once with theming, for example.
  • Mostly to support the developer.
  • "These are examples of apps I've purchased because
    • 1) I use them often enough that the ads in the free version eventually drove me nuts
    • 2) I wanted/needed to access the features available in the paid version
    • 3) It was a limited time access to the full version. X number of days free with full access to all features. After X days, you must purchase licence.
  • I rarely purchase apps, over the last 2 years I have probably spent less then $15. "
  • Each one of these apps had absolutely pioneered at least one area such as UX, launcher, keypad etc.
  • Worked so well that I just wanted to throw the dev a bone.
  • "Hands down SwiftKey. 
  • I've been using it since it first appeared on the market. Touted as the first AI keyboard. 
  • I tried it and fell in love with it. 
  • Been using it every since. 
  • I've tried others, many but I always come back to SwiftKey. Use it for a week or so and it can predict (not just suggest) What you want to say. 
  • They've come a long way from their humble beginnings . it's an impressive keyboard, stylish, fast, easy to use. Well worth the full price. Of course if you get it on one of their many discounts that's a bonus but I've never regretted buying it. "
  • support the developer
  • "At the time, I couldn't find a free MS Office compatible app I trusted enough to install. (This was pre-Google Drive, which has now mostly supplanted Docs to Go in my day-to-day use.)
  • For Soundhound, I just felt the free product was so great (and superior to its competitor, Shazam), I wanted to reward the developers for their efforts. "
  • There's nothing the actually uses a 3D interface
  • More features and no ads.
  • Licensing for additional features at a reasonable cost:benefit ratio.
  • No better alternative 
  • It seemed to be simple enough for me to use with everything right where I needed it.  The stock keyboard took too many presses to get what I wanted.  Besides I can make it orange!  :)
  • I don't think there is a free alternative for SwiftKey. As for Titanium, I use it every time I flash a new ROM, which happens a lot :) There might be some alternatives but I'm with Titanium since my HTC Hero and I'm kind of used to it.
  • Root Explorer is simply better than the free alternatives, and stickmount, while there is a free version, I love supporting devs like Chainfire who work so hard for the community.
  • I had a lot of the features that could not be replicated, that I was looking for in the origional.

Here's what you suggested:

 - Double Dragon
 - Worms
Tower Madness 2
Smash Hit
The Room

As for apps, I've tried to separate them out into some different categories.

 - Nova Launcher
 - Apex
 - various themes/mods
 - Action launcher
 - Next Launcher
 - SF Launcher

 - SwiftKey 
 - Titanium Backup
 - Solid Explorer
 - Root Explorer
 - Timely
 - ClockworkMod
 - Calendar
 - CamScanner
 - financial apps
 - Mirror
 - Safe in Cloud
 - SkipLock
 - Stickmount
 - Tasker
 - tTorrent

 - Note Everything
 - Documents to Go

 - AccuWeather
 - CoPilot

 - PowerAmp
 - AllCast
 - SoundHound∞
 - Mirror
 - MusicSheet Pro
 - MX Player
 - Pocket Casts
 - Shazam
 - Slingbox
 - Photoshop

 - EvolveSMS
 - Talon
 - Tapatalk

Now I also asked you about piracy.  And specifically if you had pirated, but if you still went and bought or what.  Here's the results from that:

So what I see is that less than half have never pirated an app, then another almost 40% have, but either didn't use it long (i.e. testing it out for a longer than 15min window) or ended up buying the app.  Only 7% have admitted to actually pirating and keeping.  The 'other' categories were more folks saying "No"... so that section is now easily over 50%.