I need to talk about TimePIN!

There's a new security app out there that's been making the rounds. Especially is you've been following XDA. TimePIN!

Just as the name suggest your pin is base on the time. Unless you would willingly tell someone that your password is the time advertised on the clock it would virtually make it a pain for someone to figure out what your password is.

But not only that, TimePIN has other features in place to make it even harder for people unless they know how you've set it up. Let's take a look at what it offers.

You have the option to choose between TimePIN, DatePIN with USD date format or not and on top of that there's a section with modifiers that ensures to piss off people who aren't suppose to access your phone.

Those modifiers could become quite handy like the Double PIN. As the name would imply you'd have to enter the same time/date combo twice.

What about if used Mirror PIN or Reverse PIN? I'm sure by now your getting the idea of how much of a pain this would be unless the person knew exactly how you've set yours up right? In essence you'd have a brand new PIN every time.

This is definitely neat and sure to annoy a few if they try to fiddle with your phone!

Get it on Google Play