Clearing all cache at once to save on some space [#TipoftheWeek]

Did you watch our Hangout on Sunday?  You would have caught one of our weekly segments on tips for your device.

This week +Ryan Moore noticed he was running low on space and decided to find out where.  One quick easy answer is looking at how much each app has cached.

For example, your internet browser, it keeps some of the files on hand for easy access later.  Same with Google+... or Dropbox, etc...  files that are just sitting there taking up space.  So let's clear 'em out.

Now if you're rooted with a custom recovery, you could clear them out all at once via the recovery.  But if you don't have that option... well... how can you do it?

You could go into Menu / Apps and then sort them by the size, find something that's big and then tap it and then choose to 'clear cache' for that app.

But that means you have to go through them one at a time.  There's got to be a better way.

There is.  Go into Menu / Storage and you'll see a breakdown of where you files have gone (I have a whackload in Google Play Music), but you'll also see part saying 'Cached data'.  Tap it and you'll get the option to erase all cached data at once.

Depending on what kind of apps you use and how long its been, it might save you a lot of space!