Backing up your pictures. Is it worth the headache?

Backups. I love that topic.
Some might say meh. Some might say bah. But I always say yay!

One could ask: Why should I care? I have a huge microSD card on my phone so nothing can happen.

Oh really? Chances are your hardware will fail at some point in time. It's that simple. If you don't think ahead, you could (will) lose your pictures and data eventually. If you're like me, you believe that your pictures deserve to survive more than a few years and because you weren't careless, your grand children might have a chance one day to see what grand-dad was up to way back in the day!

Don't get into depression; backing up your pictures from your phone can be really simple. Like, really simple. There are many apps that can take care of this matter automatically without you ever doing anything to keep it going once you've set it up. It can be as simple as enabling the option into the app settings.

Here's the two most common apps used to automatically save your pictures in the cloud from your phone:
The Auto-Backup option in Google Plus is the easiest and the one I use the most to browse my pictures. I chose the Standard Size rather than the Full Resolution upload option just because I know I'm also backing up my pictures in full resolution to hard drives and other clouds (Read about that a bit further down).

The Camera Upload feature from Dropbox is really cool but I only have 7.25 GB on my account and I find this amount way too limited.

Other apps worth mentioning:
If you want to go the Flickr way, what I recommend is to create your account in your web browser and go through all the settings first to adjust the privacy settings to be private. The only problem at this time with the Android app is there's no auto-upload capability meaning you have to manually select the pictures you wish to upload. I'm just starting to use Flickr and I upload my pictures from my PC using Yahoo's Uploadr and it is great! I make sure to use Sets (folders...) and Collections (a folder for albums...) to organize all my pictures before it gets out of control my tens of thousands of photos.

I hope this helps a little bit. (If you want to know about my backup process, continue reading after answering our poll below). We'll discuss the poll results during our Hangout #59 this coming Sunday:

Sylvain's backup process:

If you want to get real crazy about backing up your pictures to multiple clouds/hard drives/servers and don't know where to start, here's what I do:

1- From my phone, I Auto-Backup in Google Plus. Uploads are set to Standard Size so I get unlimited uploads without affecting my storage. (The Standard size for Google Plus is 2048px long edge. It is the equivalent of a 3.1 megapixel photo and it let me upload an unlimited amount of pictures). From there I can browse all my pictures and share them in my favourite social media. I simply consider having my pictures on Google Plus as a convenient way to browse and easily share my pictures and videos.

2- I move all the picture and videos from my phone at least once a month onto my computer in a folder that contains the same folder structure that I want to see in CrashPlan, an online automatic backup service I've been using for over a year. They offer unlimited storage so I think the service is worth the $5 a month.

3- I then mirror the new files I just copied from my computer to a 1.5 TB portable hard-drive that I only plug/use for backups. I also mirror the new files to my HOMESERVER at home on a mirrored drive. I use the software Beyond Compare on Windows to mirror my files from my PC to the portable hard-drive and to the HOMESERVER.

I also started to upload my pictures to Flickr from my desktop PC. I like their interface and at 1 TB, I probably will never run out of storage!

In total, I have 4 copies of each picture. 1 cloud (soon 2 with Flickr) and 3 hard-drives in two different locations.

Will my process change at some point? Probably. As services and technology change, but I will always make sure to have at least 3 copies. Will I ever lose my pictures? I hope not. Not with the process I just told you about! ahahahah! If you have any questions regarding this, make sure to drop a comment below!