Nexus 5 First Impressions (video)

As some of you may know that follow me on Google+ +Tom Gray. My wife and I recently got our hands on the LG Nexus 5. This is my first impression upon holding this device over night.

What's Good About the Nexus 5:

  • The screen is big, bright, and beautiful. Removing black overlays from Status and notification bar really helps fill this beautiful screen.
  • Better Google Now integration has Google Now ready for your commands with little to no delay.
  • Big and Bright LED that's fully customizable with apps such as Light Flow.
  • A Nexus that finally comes in a 32GB model, also in white.
  • Camera is a little better from previous Nexus model, but not by much.
  • Speaker placement prevents sound from being muffled when laying flat.
  • The new device feels very light and fits well in the hands.
  • The new UI is beautiful. Getting away from all the blues breathes new life and experience.

What Needs Improvement: 
  • Sound quality is less than impressive, easily covered when holding in landscape.
  • I feel the Power button is too high, makes hard for one handed use. could just be me though.
  • More to come?

Keep in mind I've had this device for less than 24 hours and this is my initial thoughts to this point in time. My feelings could change, and if they do you'll hear about them in the full review in the coming weeks.

If you feel I missed a key part in this review, feel free to leave a comments below and I'll try and get to everyone.