Rogers One Number - Review

Rogers One Number is an amazing service if you're a +Rogers Wireless subscriber.
It brings a unified service to your phone, tablet and computer using your existing phone number.

Having Rogers One Number installed on something like your tablet, will really bring your mobile world together. Providing you have a good WiFi connection or perhaps you have an LTE enabled tablet, you'll be able to take phone calls and text messages on your tablet. The same can be done on your computer, either using Rogers One Number website, or downloadable extension that works like an application on your computer.

The Roger One App works extremely well on my Nexus 7 tablet, however the text messaging portion doesn't seem to be properly formatted to suit my tablet, rendering the messages very small and hard to read.
That aside, taking phone calls via bluetooth headset or the primary speaker of the device works perfectly, in fact it rings about 3-4 seconds earlier than my actual phone due to taking the call over WiFi and not over carrier network.

Best of all this, Rogers One Number is a free service. If you're a +Rogers Wireless subscriber, you're already eligible for this free service. If you're not currently using this service, head over to to get started today!

As for the Rogers One Number app for your Android device, you can find the link down below.

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