It was a Google+ Event that kept Vic up [not a Nexus 5... or is it?]

More rumours, more speculation.

With +Vic Gundotra's 'vaguebooking' this morning and then the leak of the Wind pre-order ... and even the Nexus 5 crates at +LG Electronics Canada (hey, I was just there recently)... people are losing their cool about this new device.

But as it turns out, the big reveal from Vic was a specialized Google+ event for tomorrow.

Now, what is this event about?  Well, it seems it's a G+ related event.  Updates galore for Google+ it seems.  Potentially I'm thinking the rollout of +Helpouts (as I've seen 2 of my 3 listings get approved and the UI in the site now allows you to search other approved listings).  But why did Vic tap Sundar (the head of Android as we know it)?  Well, at one time Google+ had it's own messaging app "Messaging" and it was rolled into Hangouts... maybe the new Android App for Hangouts is being announced - maybe with even more features?

Who knows.  All I do know is that we'll have to wait until 9:30AM PST

[Currently, the link to the event is also down: ooooh that must mean that they're announcing the devices and releasing ponies into the wild to become unicorns who can shit free Nexus devices for everybody - could also mean a bazillion people are hammering the YES button to attend]