Word Hunter -

Do you like Bejeweled? Do you like Scrabble? If your answer is yes to both you'll probably enjoy Word Hunter.

Word Hunter is a Bejeweled with letters. Connect tiles horizontally, vertically or on an angle to make words longer than 2 letters. The longer the word, the more points you score, which is important because you have to get over a certain point level, with a limited number of words, to proceed.

Sounds simple and it is ... for the lower levels. Low targets and lots of time makes for engaging play. As you get to higher levels you get timed tiles that block areas, bonus points, timed sessions and, of course, higher point goals. It has a lot of replay value as the board is randomly generated each time and your performance for the level is tracked by stars. It also hooks into Play Games. Perhaps multiplayer will be added later.

While this is free, there are full screen ads that pop up every few levels. Not unreasonable way to do things but if you find you enjoy the game, why not hit Remove Ads and support the dev.

This is an enjoyable take on casual word play games. Give it a try.

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