Top 10 Most Frequently Used Smartphone Apps [humour]

yes, I know humour is spelled wrong
but it was funny
I say 'humour' in the title, not because the results are humourous.  But really the reaction to the results are hilarious.

So Global Web Index did a survey of smartphone users.  You can look over their results if you like, but they are tabulated as below.

Now, the key here is to ensure that you understand the TITLE of the graph.  'Most-Used' is what I take away from it.  Somehow the commenters on the mashable post assume that 'Most-Used' = popular.  Sure, there's some correlation, but the self-righteous reactions are what really make the article funny for me.
So, Google Maps is #1... pretty decent.  YouTube #3... You had to assume Facebook would be in there as well.

Google+?  I was a bit astonished it made it in there as in my circle of local people, I'm one of the few who are signed up.  Apparently so were a ton of others, prompting them to make the leap that "hey, I don't use that app" therefore "this survey is wrong".

Sound reasoning no?  Hah... just give a look see at some of the commenters.  Here's some of my favourites:
Sounds like a rubbish study. I refuse to believe G+ is that high up.
Simple - don't like the results, the results must be wrong.
Google+ should not even be listed...
(coming from someone logged in from Facebook, that's understandable they'd react that way)
If google+ is on here, shouldn't myspace be here too?
uhhh... obviously...
Google+ is probably so high because google forces you to get it when you truly wanna use their services. like youtube if you wanna make a channel and create a page you have to have G+ page. thats kinda artificial, its like saying Wii Sports is the most sold game when its already toss in with system whether you like it or not
hahahaha... I'm assuming that the survey (and I could be wrong here) didn't just look at phones and saw what was on them, but what was USED.  In fact, here's their definition:
users who have taken advantage of the services they offer in the last month
And later on in the article they do say that respondants have to 'admit' to having used it.  So it's not some blanket generated service.

I couldn't find my all time favourite, essentially it was this:  "all my friends and I use X app... why isn't it listed?".  Oh, the butthurtedness!

Anyways, I thought you folks might get a chuckle from this stuff.

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