Stupid Zombies 2 [another app recommended for me]

Cover artSo, in keeping with the theme of looking at apps that are recommended to me (I'm still going through reviewing apps I have already had and giving the Play Store more of my data for movies and books and games, etc...), here's the latest of the ones I've tried that I liked.

Stupid Zombies 2

Now, it recommended this for me because I had played the original version.

It's not a bad little time waster of a game.  If you've played the first - this is pretty much the same story.... although the hero is less Bruce Campbell looking.

The idea is simple... much like those old flash games like 'ricochet', etc...  You have a 'hero' (in this edition you can choose between a guy or a gal) and some zombies.  You point and drag where you want to shoot (when you let go of your finger it'll shoot).  Your bullet will tear through the baddies and bounce off walls (a limited number of times mind you).  The idea being to get all the baddies in the least number of shots.

You get bonuses for head shots and however number of bullets you have left (you can run out).

The levels get pretty tough quickly... so watch the angles, and you have to watch pretty much exactly where you have it pointed to try again.  Then some of the guys start to move.  You also get 'objects' to interact with.  Boxes or drums, even exploding ones.  You can even purchase (of course there's purchaseable items for a free game) that can help you out (either reload, or an air strike).

I've not made it too far, even after a week - but you do get some new weapons this time around... like a sentry gun.  You shoot it and it pops up a gun that'll also shoot in the angle you tell it.  Neat.

It gets pretty hard, pretty quick.  Timing is absolutely critical, and a pixel or 2 off of where the specific spot where it should ricochet won't work.  So be patient.  It's one of those games you'll play like 10 levels easily, get to the 11th and then be so frustrated you give up.  Then a day later, play that level 100x and finally get through.

So... there's not a lot of games I like to try that are recommended, but this has been one of them.

Give it a shot, or give one of your own recommended games a shot!

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