HTC One Max T6 Coming?

Pretty much everyone knows by now that I'm a huge HTC fan since the release of the HTC One, they won my heart over all other brands with their amazing design. Like many other people I can't help but think, What's next? We try to say away from rumours here at +Android Coliseum, but this is starting to look more real as time goes on, and personal I'm starting to get excited.

It seems the rumors which started a while back when the HTC One mini was announced are starting look a little more true as time goes on.

I've been doing my research and Googling everything I can to find more information about this, and more pictures keep popping up.

Either someone is really good at manipulating pictures, or this is a larger HTC One than we know today. based on the specs that have been tossed up in the air, it seems it's a bit sketchy but rings a lot of truth as well. If this were all true, it would seem HTC would be going in the way of the Samsung Mega devices. Dumbing down the hardware a little compared to the flagship model. Only 16GB or storage? This would cause an issue as the OS itself takes up 7GB leaving us with only 8GB to work with (minus a little for partition) with no means of expandable storage on these HTC devices would be a little troublesome.

The fact that the OS listed is Key Lime Pie, I believe is dead wrong. we'd likely see JellyBean 4.3 and that's that, unless this device isn't coming out til next year some time.

So that's what I've found, and slapped together with the previous rumours we heard back when the Mini was announced, and now the mini is with us today. Do you think the Max is coming in the future to take part in the phablet wars? I don't know for sure as much of this is still a little cloudy, but I sure hope so.