Solid Explorer Updates - new UI updates and others

My go to app for browsing my phone is Solid Explorer.  I reviewed it a while back even.

Just recently it got an update to get even better.  Mostly it's eye candy, but there's some neat nuggets of gold in there!

Let's take a look

Solid Explorer

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What's in this version:
-WebDav client with Yandex and Owncloud support
-file sharing in access point mode
-Vietnamese language
-new sliding panel for quick bookmark access (swipe from the left edge of the screen)
-dynamic list resizing with pinch gesture
-file operation queue
-NFC file transfer (files have to be checked)
-file association editor
-list animations
-remote files edited locally are now uploaded back automatically
-improved list filtering with permanent stay, query history
-full changelog in settings
Personally, the slide out nav bar is pretty nice and follows suit with the whole Google UI lately.  But I'm really intrigued about using NFC.  I haven't tried it out yet, but I hope it's slick!

Also, if you check the full changelog, there's lots more:
slide out panel

 zooming the size of the thumbnails

Associations manager