Power Toggles Review

Are you missing toggles on your notification bar? Do you currently have toggles but are unsatisfied with them? No matter your position, Power Toggles has you covered.

So I did a very small video review during our Friday Night Hangout, I highlighted the app Power Toggles which basically will add toggles to your notification bar and/or desktop.

Toggles are that interesting little tool on phones that always sits differently based on who's currently using the phone. Some people love the toggles and use them daily, where other find them totally useless and wish they were gone.

Some phones like my HTC One, didn't come with toggles out of the box. It was a huge oversight because all HTC models prior to the One all had toggles, so I found myself missing them.
Power Toggles provided me with the ability to put the toggle back in the notification window where they belong.
Power Toggles doesn't require root access, so literally anyone with an Android phone can download this free app and enjoy the toggles where they belong.

The icing on the cake about Power Toggles, it's completely customizable in terms of which toggles you'd like to see, what colors you want them to be, as well are sorting the order of the toggles.
There is also a couple different theme styles to choose from.

So if you're looking to add some customizability and toggles to your phone, go check out Power Toggles for free.

Get it on Google Play