If you like Movies you'll like Flixter

Flixter has been around forever in internet time and the app just keeps getting better. If you enjoy going to or watching movies, Flixter is a good great app to have on your phone.
I have a the Cineplex mobile app (it's Canadian) so I can read the Cineplex magazine and have my Score card stored on my device to get discounts and earn points. I mostly use it when I'm in Vancouver or Edmonton. At home,  because our local theatre is independent, Flixter is my goto app when I'm thinking of going to a movie. Flixter has never let me down for showtimes and really makes movie going a social event.

There are several options for logging in to the app including using your Facebook and Google credentials. Your movies and ratings are connected to whichever account you are logged in through so make sure you are consistent. When I signed in using Google I didn't have access to my movies because they were registered with my Flixter account. You can also connect your Netflix account.

Tons features to explore in Flixter and they are easy to find since Flixter adopted the Holo style. Not only can you see what's coming and currently at the box office and on DVD but you can also look at movies coming out in the next year. I enjoy looking ahead so I can earmark what I want to see.

While you're waiting for the movie you can check out pictures and trailers and read reviews. The rating system is driven by Rotten Tomatoes so you get ratings from several critics as well as other movie goers. After the movie you can add your rating.

One new feature is the embedded video player. If you want, you can watch watch your Netflix account from this app. The player is Ultraviolet compatible so if you purchase movies that come with a digital ultraviolet copy you can register the movie in Flixter to watch on your phone or tablet.

It's a very useful and easy to use app. I actually use it for checking out movies even if I'm sitting at my computer.

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