How to remove the Picasa Albums from your Android Gallery App

It is not a new problem but I still hear many people complain about the Picasa albums showing up in the stock Gallery app of their Android devices. Indeed, it can be very frustrating as you cannot easily delete these albums from within the Gallery, but there is a fast and easy solution.

Whether you don't like having those albums show for privacy reasons, or just because you have endless Google Plus photos that clutter your Gallery, you can remove it easily.The first step is turning off Google Photo sync. If you have more than one account on your phone, you will need to turn it off for each account.

Go to settings --> Accounts --> Google and turn off Google Photos sync.

The second step is to Clear the data in the Gallery app

Go to Settings --> Apps --> All --> Gallery --> Clear data

Once you re-open the Gallery, the Picasa albums will be gone.