Android LockScreens, Do We Need Them?

Android Devices are amazing, they offer virtually an unlimited amount of possibilities, but at what point does less equal more? Today I'm pointing out lockscreens.

LockScreens add some security to our devices. Whether it's protecting your phone from accidental pocket dials, or keeping nosey people in your household from accessing your phone without permission, the lockscreen serves its purpose.

We had our Friday Night Hangout last night and during the pre-show off air portion +Ryan Moore and I briefly talk about lockscreens and what the best one was. I mentioned that I've grown accustom to not having a lockscreen. +Ryan Moore also mentioned that you don't even really notice it any more, as most people just wake the phone and swiping their finger becomes an automatic motion with a blink of an eye.  So if many people are not really using the lockscreen to lock anything, wouldn't we benefit from simply turning it off?

I've had people give me their iPhones with passwords on them, and I've figured out their passwords with about 3 attempts and it blew their mind, of course they asked me how I knew their password. I simple replied, "Angle your phone to the light. You unlock your phone frequently  and you can see very commonly touch areas with lots of finger oils, so I know it's these numbers here." same thing applies to Androids pattern locks, it's not hard to figure many of them out.

I've found my phone to be more user friendly and fast just to whip it out and check and reply that message without dealing with that lockscreen every time I turn my phone on.

Not all phones allow you to disable to the lockscreen, for those of you who are stuck behind that wall, there are apps to aid you in the quest of disabling the lockscreen such as No Lock
If you're one of those people like me who never have their phone more than 3 feet away from you at all times, you probably don't even have a password on your phone, so why not make your life slightly easier and remove it completely. Checking emails and texts on the fly just got a little faster.