2 weeks with the Galaxy Note 8

So I've had the Note 8 for a couple of weeks now (close to 3) I purchased it on sale and got in on a price drop that lowered the price by $50. And I've gotten used to the physical features that were initially a turn off - the physical button and the BIG WHITE BEZEL. I wanted the 8 as soon as it was announced - which was pretty soon after I jumped on the 10.1 (sigh).

First off - this is truly the perfect sized device for me, especially when combined with the font sizing options Samsung allows. The 8" screen is just that much larger than the 7" that you can get more text per page when using the tablet as an e-reader. Even in magazine mode there is little need to zoom in and out on a page. One reason I wasn't keen on the home button was the way jellybean was implemented on the Tab 2 7.0. Something about the notification shade was jarring. I use all my tablet devices in portrait mode so the location wasn't a thing and with the Note, the notification shade is implemented better. The resolution compares well will with my S4 even though it's not quite as crisp.

It continues to feel solid and buttons are easy to feel in the dark (including that home button) even though they are almost flush. The ergonomics are really well considered and the pen and micro SD door fit well into the body of the Note as does the metallic band around the bezel.

So what am I using it for? Reading books and magazine, casual gaming, taking notes at courses, email and texts (through Might Text), watching the occasional movie or something from the DVR. If I'm away from home I do everything on it that I use my desktop for except blogging and hanging out. This is definitely a laptop/netbook replacement for me. It's light enough to slip into a portfolio or speaker notes so you can scribble notes and if you fall asleep while holding it your face won't get too hurt if your arm falls over:)

I'm always enthused about my stuff until the next thing comes along..right up until I find the perfect device for me. I've always wanted something mobile that uses a stylus so until now my choice was a the Note or the Note; now a Toshiba is a possibility if I wanted a 10.1 device. I've gotten used to the look of the bezel but had I a choice I would have gotten a black or dark colour. I don't like the way the capacitive buttons glow when lit . This is a small thing and I'm very happy with my purchase.