Google Music Gets the White Carpet Treatment

I did a very quick video review during our Friday Night Hangout yesterday on Google Music's new color and layout, I still haven't decided if it's something I'm welcoming with open arms or not.

I mentioned during the hangout that the orange bar at the top was very tacky and clashed with everything, but as +Mark Lastiwka had said, "it's all about uniformity with the newly renovated Google Play Store".

They also included an All Access Subscription which they very clearly mentioned was for the US with no mention of Canadians. As a Canadian using Google, I'm very use to being teased and left in the dark corner of the room while our neighbours bask in the bountiful gifts Google has to offer. Another thing that being a Canadian has taught me is how to overcome these obstacles and find ways to trick the system to getting what I want.   

I've not tried to access this newly added feature to Google Play, but I have got quite a bit of normal use with my HTC One. The white theme really matches the HTC One's system UI which is a very welcomed change. Being able to stream the music I want without compromising the space on my phone is just magical to say the least. Google Music is hands down one of the best music applications available for the Android, and the fact that it's free is just fantastic.

My White experience with Google Play Music has turned a light on in my head though. Going back to +Mark Lastiwka said about uniformity. I wonder if the future of Google's Android is going to be a lot more white than we're use to seeing now. Will Google drop the Dark colors and blue lines for a multicoloured header and white background?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.