Get the International Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

When I purchase phones, I normally always go for International versions, and there's a very good reason for that.

International versions are what the manufacture originally intended without tampering from carriers. They come factory unlocked and because they are International, they see the most developer support from around the world.
Also international models get their updates straight from the manufacturing company itself, rather than waiting for our carriers to push them after receiving them from the manufacture. We all know how our carriers like to drag their feet when pumping our updates full of their carrier bloatware crap.

'Variants' such as LTE North American models are normally tailored to the carrier, they are often sold with hardware changes and pumped with carrier bloatware that's commonly locked down. Because these 'variants' are specific to a carrier and country, they see less developer support, and often are not as easy to root as the International version, and obviously come locked to that carrier in question.

In the case of North American vs International S4's, you're essentially trading your unlocked octa-core for a locked LTE Enabled quad-core. Both of these choices are good, but it depends which side you're more interested in. The stable stock LTE speeds, or the total unlocked and rom flashing madness.

When I purchase my International phones, my first place of choice is They are not the cheapest around, but they're the most trust worthily in my opinion and I've always ordered from them.

No matter if you choose North American or International, know that you always have options.