Friday Night Hangout #31 - May 31st @ 11PM EST

Any superstitious folk out there?

Our 31st hangout is happening on May 31st.

That ... is ... mind blowing.  (we did have the 26th on the 26th) It's rare, but not only that, it's the only time that this can happen anymore.

Cool.  Gotta celebrate that by coming to join our hangout!

Our Google+ Event is listed here:

You can also see our agenda for the event listed here:
(I'll also embed it below)

Make suggestions in the doc, or on this blog, or via the event, or ... however you want to do it.  Have a strong enough opinion and we may even invite you to take part in the panel!

Don't forget to throw your support in for one (or more) of last week's #AppColiseum