Endomondo - Help keep tabs on your active activity

Okay, so if you've followed me, you've known that I'm a database and numbers guy.  I like keeping tabs on bits of data.  Just in my nature.

Why else do you think that our website has a section just for databases.  I even ask you all weekly poll questions.

This type of OCD spills over into my personal life as well, where I like to keep track of all sorts of things.   Pipe band gigs, attendance, spending, mileage... even my recreational habits.  I made tracking sheets for hacking on Ingress and keeping inventory lists.

One such tracking method I've been using is Endomondo.  It tracks my bike rides for me.  You can use it for a bunch of other things as well.  Any sorts of sports activity you can set up to track for you.

This is the one app I use nearly daily and I post my results on Google+, and every day that I do, someone asks what the app is.  Let's pressure the company into having a proper G+ share button... but on that later.  Let's look at the app first.

Load up the app and you're presented with the tracking screen.

You pick out what type of activity and what activity level you'll work on.  When you're ready you can hit the play (start button).  There's also a count down if you want to give yourself time to put the device away before you start.

If you like you can change what bits of data are shown on the main screen.

If you want to as well you can set up in the setting to have 'auto pause' feature.  Handy for when you're biking and have to stop at the lights (I like to measure my speeds while I'm actually moving)

Pretty basic.  When you're done you get something like this:

You can tap on the plus button there to share it - currently there's only FB allowed sharing... (booo).  So I just take a screen shot and then share that via G+.

You can also tap on the map and get some other information about your ride as well, the intervals, the altitudes and the music you listened to!

It also keeps a record of your history of workouts/activities so if you want to look over how you're doing (i.e. are you getting faster?) there's that option.

For those of you who need even more data while you're performing your activity there's an audio settings that allows you to have not only a 'coach' but even friend peptalks (yes, you can 'friend' people on Endomondo - i.e. fellow users - and create a social network unto itself).

All of this is also trackable via the www.endomondo.com website, where you can get more information about your activities.

The 'coach' can provide audio cues for you while you run/bike/etc... like the speeds and pacings for each 'marker'.  And you can set those markers.

Bug / Issue:  Now, I'm experiencing... I dunno if it's a bug or not... but when I use my BT headset, I've got play/pause/forward/back control for my music.  While I bike I can use those buttons no problem, right up until the first intervals (i.e. it speaks over my music saying "1 kilometre in ....".  After that my buttons no longer work.  Which is fine, so long as I don't get one of my kid's Wiggles song or something in the queue.  I don't know if it's a BT issue or just this app issue.  Someone else with a set of BT headphones, give it a try, or even regular headphones (haven't tried it with those yet), see if you get the same issue.

If you pay for the 'premium' service (which is kinda dumb in my mind as I've already paid for a 'pro' app, that I need to pay even more?) you can get even more info like 'zones' etc...  And there's even some fun things like setting up routes or challenges.

You can even purchase accessories to help you monitor heartrate...

So, go pick it up the app.

There's an ad supported app:
Get it on Google Play 

Or there's the Pro version (no ads) - $4.99
Get it on Google Play 
To get the premium account it's $3/month (USD) or $20/year.

Now, before you leave the review here, here's what I want you to do.  I want everybody to email the company at feedback@endomondo.com and tell them they need to have a Google+ share button in their app.  They do have a Google+ page actually... over at +Endomondo, but it's practically an empty shell - they post, but never 'engage'.  That's a no-no!  Go and tell media@endomondo.com as well!