Are You Paying Too Much For Your SmartPhone Plan?

One thing that gets talked a lot around the internet is, "What's you phone plan".
People like to compare cell phone plans with others to compare prices, and to ensure they got a reasonable deal.Turns out many are paying for more than they really need to.

I've taken my own cell phone usage and posted it here from my Rogers account. If it wasn't for the fact that I've been given a great package deal and a reduced price, I'd be calling them ASAP to have this changed.

Everyone has a refresh date, mine is the 15th of every month. A refresh date is when all your minutes and data usage gets reset to zero. These pictures were taken on the 13th, so this is an entire months use.

+Ryan Moore did a poll a while ago on how many people actually use their smartphones primarily for phone calls, turns up only about 2% showed on our poll.You can find +Ryan Moore's Article Link Here.

Many people including many of my friends pay for way more than they really need, just because they feel they got the best deal. The average smartphone bill around my personal friends is a astonishing $75. They get these 6Gb Data plans, 400+ minutes and all the features, and rarely use any of it, and have many wasted minutes at the end of the month.

  • I have 150 Minutes - I used 14
  • I have 6Gb Data - I used 1Gb
  • Unlimited messaging - Standard
  • Call ID - Often costs extra
  • VoiceMail - No one leaves voice mail anymore?

To say again. If I wasn't on a tailored deal for myself, I'd be calling them to reduce my minutes and data to save some cash, perhaps you could as well.
It's no secret, and we've even seen it on the news a few times in the past years. Canadians rank near the most expensive carrier pricing in all of the world, perhaps we all need sit down a review our usage and decide if we're actually using all we're paying for.

I've gone over a few of my friends accounts for them, just about all of them I've found and helped them fix an over payment of $10 - $15 per month. It may not sound like a lot on paper, but just think how quickly that builds up over the year, and how many apps you could buy in exchange.

Don't over pay, review your bills and ensure you're not stuffing the pockets of the fat cats of our carriers needlessly.