Worms 2: Armageddon released in CANADA only

... so something happened the other day that made happy, so happy I didn't question about paying $5.

My wife saw it and then just snorted and asked "what is this?  the 90's?"

Yup, my old favourite game got released; Worms 2: Armageddon.

Sure, $5 is a fair bit to pay for just a game... but this is just no ordinary game.  This is a game I spent the better part of 1998-2000 on.

And now it's on Android.  And even better... it's right now available only in Canada!

Get it on Google Play

Now, if you're familiar with the old Team17 game, there are somethings you CAN'T do - like the old 'challenges', nor have I seen any 'cave style' levels yet.

But the rest is there.

For those of you not familiar with the game.  It's kind of like Scorched Earth... don't know what that is... ? Who remembers Cow Wars?  The idea is simple, you have several 'worms' around on a 2D landscape and with a variety of weapons in your arsenal you set your angle of fire and your power to launch the weapon (missile, grenade, sheep) at your enemy to blow them to smithereens.  Depending on the type of game you might have up to 6 worms on each team, and several teams.

It's a little tricky to navigate at first.  Maybe they should get you to be able to use one of the remote joysticks like the Zeemote or the SteelSeries Free.

You move the worm left and right by touching either side of the screen.  Tap the worm to jump, or double tap to backflip.  Easy enough.   Aim by tapping and dragging the crosshairs.  Then hit the little 'fire' button in the corner - hold for as long as you think you need for power.

The trickier bits are like when you want to do a Homing Missile, tap where you want it to go, then hit fire, then do the aim/power.  I still haven't figured out girders usage yet.  And ninja roping?  It's not quite the 'art' it once was back in the day flipping around, but ah well.

Pretty much all of the old arsenal is there:  Banana Bombs, shotgun, Napalm strike, and some new ones as well.  Or at least I don't remember 'bunker busters' and 'lightning clouds'.

Get it on Google Play


  1. OMG! I use to play Worms all the time when I was younger.
    This game was especially amazing when playing online with friends.

    1. We should make a multiplayer game mandatory for the hangouts!

  2. Live battles. Place your bet, Ryan or Tom?
    The winner picks get a free case for (X) phone lol


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