Telus gives Thunder Bay'ers another reason to leave Tbaytel

Came home today to find a neat little 'bonus' in my mailbox.

For those of you who are super stalkers detectives,  you'll know my 9-5'er is at the +Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, so I'm keenly aware of the businesses around our little town.  It was especially exciting when Bell brought in their retail store (and the Virgin kiosk), so we went down to welcome to the business community (and I was looking to make a switch).  Plus it brought a real competitor to the previous 'champion'.

Sure enough, there was support for Telus and Koodo before, but really only partially available through Future Shop or Black's, but now they have a full on 'kiosk'.  (Don't worry our membership guy's already gone down to pay them a visit)

And, well they want to celebrate this opening.

So, if you're nearing your end of term with a certain company, you now have a viable another option -- and save some money at the same time.  (offer valid before April 28th)