Ingress Stickers, Represent Your Side!

Cursing around eBay as I often do I stumbled across a couple +Ingress Stickers, and right away +Ryan Moore popped in my mind, as he's always talking about running around Thunder Bay capturing portals.

Now you can slap an Ingress Cube on the back of your car window as a badge of honor and also tell drivers, "Sorry if my driving is bad, I'm currently drive by hacking portals".

This is a full color sticker on transparent.
When applied to a surface the surface color will show through.

It measures 4" H x 3" W
Please contact me for other sizes.

This sticker is a great way to show your immersion into a new reality.
It looks great on laptops, cellphones, tablets, bicycles, cars, notebooks, lockers ANYWHERE!

Domestic shipping for $1.00
Worldwide shipping for $1.05
Will combine shipping for up to 3 stickers.

Currently they are selling for $4 each. If you're a crazy Ingress player, why not show it?

You can find this sticker here on eBay.