Friday Night Hangout #23 - with guest Derek Ross!

So, it's mid-week, which means we're ever closer to the weekend.  One of my mainstays for a great weekend is to kick it off with our weekly Friday Night Hangout.

This Friday is #23 for the blog.  And it's our time to yak about the news we've seen this past week.  Nothing extraordinarily new for us, right?

Wrong, this time we've got a guest.  Sure, we've had guests before.  But this just isn't any guest (note, not a knock to the fantastic friends we've had on).  This week we're to be joined by none other than +Derek Ross.  A Vanity profile, a Google TV Ambassador and just recently made the GlassExplorer program.

Join us this week as we talk with Derek and his experiences over at +Android Authority - which has taken him to the +BigAndroidBBQ+International CES 2013, etc...
So, what's on the docket for our Hangout?

We'll have some news (see the agenda below), some reviews, some updates, and then, as always, our #AppColiseum, where we share some of our favourite apps of the week

As always, the first hour is going to be the panel, and then anyone can join in the 2nd hour.  Just because you  the first hour is 'closed', doesn't mean you can't interact:

Have any suggestions for us to cover, just let us know.  And if we missed anything then hey you can go ahead and join us during the Off-Air portion of the Hangout.  Those portions are kind of the best as it's unscripted.

Come join us this Friday night at 11PM EST