Friday Night Hangout #23 [video]

Life is full of little rituals.

Some people tap their cigarettes before smoking, some add the cream to their mug first, then add coffee... me - I have the weird habit of always denting the corners in of those little cartons of milk before drinking.

Here at +Android Coliseum one of our little 'rituals' is to gather together during Friday nights and talk about Android - our Friday Night Hangouts

This past week we were joined by +Derek Ross of +Android Authority - and we had a great time.

Check out the video below

Friday Night Hangout

Our Friday Night Hangouts are now available to download as MP3 (Audio) and MP4 (Video). Agendas for each of the events can be seen at

2013-04-05 Friday Night Hangout #23 / MP3 / MP4 / Event Link