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Nexus 4 Wireless Charger - Review

So I ordered the Nexus 4 wireless charger a couple weeks ago and I've had a few days to play with it, so I decided I'd give a quick little review on it for you guys today.

To clear the air before I even get started. The question I've been asked several times and there seems to be a bit of confusion around the internet over it. No, the Nexus 4 wireless charger does not use magnets to hold the phone in place, rather it's lined with two circular semi-sticky rubber strips to hold your phone in place.

What shocked me upon unboxing my wireless charger was the size of the AC adapter that came with it, also it having a higher power output than the OEM AC adapter that comes with your Nexus 4. This one just seemed to be a lot longer than it really needed to be.

It charged the Nexus 4 relatively fast with what I experienced as about 30% per hour while the phone was on. This is a rough estimation and I had Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and all location settings enabled.
The Nexus 4's Battery stats screen also shows it as "Charging: Wireless" opposed to previous Wireless chargers I've used on other phones that always said "AC".

The Nexus 4 wireless places your phone at a great optimal viewing angle similar to what you'd see in a store display while charging, and the rubber rings do an amazing job holding your phone in place without any sliding during use.

Here's something that many of you are going to love! The Nexus 4 wireless charger is strong enough to charge your Nexus 4 with a case one. Many people were under the impression that you'd have to combine it with the bumper to have the best of both worlds. I tested a couple different rubber cases and the wireless charger made its connection without any problem.

This was a great purchase in my mind, but one thing that is still up for debate is was it worth the $77 after tax and shipping from the Google Play Store. As an accessory junky as myself, I had to have it, where other's may not feel the same way.

You can get your own at the Google Play Store.
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