[Review] Tylt Band Car Charger

I love accessories for my phone.  Maybe not as much as +Tom Gray does, but I still like to pick up the odd nick-nack or doo-dad for it.

It's my baby, I like to make sure it has the best.  Just like my kid.

So I'm always on the lookout for what's cool.  Not just what's cheap, but what's functional.

Tylt was a company that came on my radar during the CES show for their Qi charger.  But that's not available until April.  So it got me browsing the rest of their site, and I was quite impressed.

Luckily I was fortunate enough to have +TYLT send me their Band Car Charger to review.  I gotta say, it's quite nice!

I don't know what it is about flat ribbon style cables that I like so much.  But they feel sturdier.  The Silicone rubber allows it to be flexible, but you can still feel confident that it's secure.

You also get an extra USB port to plug in whatever else you want to power.  Nifty.

The prong plugging into the DC outlet is snug.  Which is nice.  I've had MANY which go in, but the cheap plastic feels loose in the outlet.  The microUSB port plugs in nicely and firmly, and works even with a case on (phew!).

Here in Northwestern Ontario it gets kinda cold.  Like really cold.  And I leave my charging accessories in the car.  So often I've come to the car in the morning and the old cables are nearly frozen stiff and are hard to bend and move and I'm afraid of breaking it.  This charger doesn't react that way.  I dunno, but as a chemist, I should... but it doesn't get stiff or brittle, and is still flexible.

Just 2 things 'against' the device.

  1. Gotta say the price - it's not cheap. But that's the point tho'.  This isn't some dollar-store checkout aisle item.  This is a quality piece, and you get exactly what you pay for.
  2. The ribbon could be a little bit longer.  I have my phone resting in my cup holders, and if I am stopped and using it (note, I never use my phone WHILE driving) it doesn't quite reach the steering wheel for me to use. 

Overall, it's great.  Go grab one today.  If it's a prelude to some of their other devices, it'll be well worth it.

I made a little video too: